10 Tips For a Better Night’s Sleep

It starts with a simple question, and you may have heard it before….

“How many hours of sleep do you have each night?”

When we ask this question, we mean time spent asleep, not the time between you going to bed and getting up. 

So, what is a good amount of sleep? 

7-8 hours time spent asleep.

But why should we be asking this question?

  • Loss of sleep can impact athletic and cognitive performance 
  • Low amounts of sleep can increase our perception of pain
  • Chronic lack of sleep can increase your risk of injury 

10 Tips For Better Sleep Hygiene:

  1. Have regular sleep patterns – even on weekends and days off.
  2. Only go to bed when you actually feel tired.
  3. Avoid any screen time 30mins before you go to bed – this includes phones and TVs.
  4. If you can’t get to sleep within 20mins go for a short walk around the house and try again.
  5. Try not to use your bed for anything else other than sleep and sex. This includes watching TV and reading.
  6. Avoid naps during the day so you’re tired at night (see tip 2).
  7. Have your bedroom is quiet and comfortable. A cooler room is better and earplugs to block out outside noise.
  8. No clock watching.
  9. Exercise and eat right.
  10. Keep day time routine the same.

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