Leah Burton

Principal Sports Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist

Honestly, I never thought I wanted to be a Physiotherapist. I’m born and bred in Port Macquarie and I grew up associating physiotherapists in Port with heat packs, ultrasound and a Physio jotting between curtained rooms. I thought, “how busy and how boring, the same treatment happens to every person!” But I did know that I wanted to be able to help people so I did Exercise Physiology, what a revolutionary profession, using exercise as medicine!

I was a month out from completing my Honours in Exercise Physiology and I sustained a knee injury while training for a state touch football competition. I went to a physiotherapist in Sydney and that’s when my mind was changed! She spent the whole session with ONLY me, she listened and worked with me. That’s when I thought, “WOW! physiotherapists can really help people achieve their goals…. I want to do that! And I want my hometown to know that’s what real health care is!”

With the amazing support of my husband and parents Phyx You was born in 2011 with the sole focus of putting the CARE back into health care in Port Macquarie.
We believe Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology is about listening to the person, establishing what is happening, and WHY it is happening through an individualised approach. Phyx You was founded on these principles and still maintains the same high level of care that we started with.

Now, what makes Phyx You’s story even more special – is the amazing team – or what we call our Phyx You Family behind it! From the amazing Sarah who is the spirit and soul of Phyx You and it just wouldn’t be what it is without her to our incredible team that we have had and we still have!

Health should be about you and that’s what you can always expect when you come to Phyx You!! We are here to listen to you and to work with you- to empower you to achieve your goals.

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