Our diabetes group class is specifically targeted towards suffering for the condition itself.

It doesn’t matter whether you have type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes this class is made for you.

The class runs in a circuit style format, under supervision from our highly trained Exercise Physiologist. Exercises ranging from a variety of high intensity, functional, balance and stability, and motor control based exercises. But so you don’t get bored all these exercises change on a monthly basis to keep your enjoyment levels, and physical capacity up. This form of exercise has been shown to be highly beneficial to help improve your blood sugar level management and reduces the need for some medications. 

However on top of the physical benefits there are many social benefits of exercise classes also. After each session most of the group get together and have a coffee to celebrate a job well done!

There is no referral needed, if you feel like this class is good for you come down and give it a try!

Maintaining a healthy weight

Reducing your risk of heart disease

Lowering your blood pressure

Reducing your stress levels

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