What is our Physiotherapy Pilates Class?

Our Physiotherapy Pilates Class is a circuit-based equipment Pilates and exercise class which is run by our specially trained Physiotherapists.

Having a class run by a Physiotherapist is great news! This means we know about all of your pre existing aches, pains and injuries so that we can modify exercises according to where you are at with your injuries and rehabilitation. We also know about your goals and what you are trying to achieve so we can maximise the benefit you get out of the class.

We use a range of equipment to target specific muscles groups, focusing on:

Upper & lower body muscle strength & toning

Movement control & correct movement patterns


Core strength and stability



What Equipment is Used?

Pilates reformers

Pilates trap tables


Resistance bands

Balance boards

Red Cord


Cable and weight machines

What level of fitness/ability does the class suit?

Pilates has so many different levels of exercises – to target those at any level! We have athletes that attend our classes who we are able to challenge. We also have 85 year old males and females attend the class that we can modify exercises to suit their level. No matter where you are at with your fitness level or what age you are we can target the class to meet your needs.

Do I need an assessment to attend the class?

Yes! An assessment is needed with one of our Pilates trained Physiotherapists before commencing the class! This is so that we can determine:

  • What level you are at
  • What injuries, aches and pains you may have
  • Previous injuries that may affect current movement patterns
  • What areas you need to strengthen most

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

No! You can book in for an assessment anytime without a referral. If you do have a referral from your doctor bring it along!

When are the classes?

We have multiple classes per week. Click here to see the timetable

Do I need to book?

Yes! Bookings are essential as we have a maximum of 12 participants in each class. Ensure you are booked in so you don’t miss out.

Anyone looking to start resistance exercises in a controlled and safe environment

Musculoskeletal injuries (back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain)

Increasing flexibility

Reducing spinal stiffness and improve movement

Preventing loss of muscle mass (particularly as we age)

Improving balance and preventing falls

Improving core strength and control

Assist in maintaining bone density

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