How to spot the signs you might have Tennis Elbow


Do you get pain in your elbow, but you don’t play tennis?

Don’t worry you are not alone, only 5% of people suffering from ‘tennis elbow’ actually play tennis.

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylalgia) is common in sporting activities such as tennis, squash and field throwing sports, as well as occupational and leisure activities such as carpentry, electricians, heavy lifting, bricklaying, sewing, mechanics and computer use.

People who at 35-60 years are most commonly affected.

The overuse of the wrist extensor muscles such as repeated screw driver use develops into a tendinopathy that causes pain at the elbow and can radiate down into your forearm.

You may experience pain with:

Gripping, often combined with weakness

Touching the muscles on your forearm

Lifting household objects

Stretching your wrist and elbow


Progressive graded exercises to initially reduce pain and then improve strength

Technique correction for racquet and throwing sports

Adjusting grip size such as racquet handle size or size of mechanical devices

Correction of predisposing factors such as shoulder posture and strength

Your physio can also help with pain via taping, shockwave therapies and joint mobilisations as indicated

Things to avoid

Pain relief injections (corticosteroid injections) – whilst these injections can provide short term pain relief, extensive evidence shows negative long-term consequences including delayed recovery, adverse effects on loading capacity for tendon tissue and 62% recurrence rate. Remember – The injections never treat the underlying cause of your condition, after 4-6 weeks your condition will likely return.

Excessive stretching of the forearm

Ignoring the issue and repeated aggravation

If you have elbow pain, make a physio appointment to get an accurate diagnosis and individualised treatment plan to get you back to the activities you love!

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