Orthotics, also known as custom foot orthotics, serve as specially designed shoe inserts aimed at supporting the foot’s natural shape, aligning the ankle, and enhancing overall posture and foot function. Understanding the intricacies of foot anatomy is crucial in creating effective orthotics. Feet come in various shapes and sizes, with different arches, heel alignments, and forefoot alignments. Custom foot orthotics play a vital role in addressing these variations and optimising foot function.

At Achieve Podiatry, we utilise custom orthotics to address a wide range of foot, ankle, leg, and lower back issues. These issues may include conditions such as heel pain, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, bursitis, and more. Our approach involves a comprehensive assessment process, including a musculoskeletal evaluation, video gait analysis, and 3D foot scan. This allows us to gather precise measurements and tailor the orthotics to each individual’s unique foot anatomy and activity level.

The process of creating custom foot orthotics at Achieve Podiatry involves using advanced technology, such as a 3D scanner, to obtain accurate measurements of the foot. This enables us to capture the foot’s exact contours and create orthotics that provide optimal support and comfort. Unlike traditional methods that rely on messy plaster casts, our modern approach eliminates the need for such inconveniences and ensures a more precise fit.

We work closely with a trusted laboratory in Queensland to manufacture our custom orthotics. While the production time typically ranges from 1 to 2 weeks, the quality and accuracy of the orthotics make the wait worthwhile. Our orthotics are made from premium materials selected to match each individual’s specific needs and activities. Whether you’re a recreational walker, a competitive runner, or someone dealing with foot pain due to arthritis, our custom orthotics can provide the support and relief you need.

Custom foot orthotics offer a multitude of benefits, including alleviating heel pressure, supporting the arch, optimizing alignment in the ankle, knee, and foot, and reducing pressure on tendons. They can also help alleviate pain associated with conditions such as arthritis and provide relief for runners dealing with issues like patellar pain and ITB syndrome. However, it’s essential to note that orthotics are often used in conjunction with other therapies to achieve the best outcomes.

If you’re experiencing foot discomfort or pain, consider scheduling a consultation with us at Achieve Podiatry. Our experienced podiatrists will assess your condition thoroughly and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan, which may include custom foot orthotics. With our tailored approach and advanced technology, we can help improve your comfort, reduce pain, and optimize your performance, allowing you to move with confidence and ease.