Did you know we provide specialized services for dancers – including Pre-Pointe Assessments?

It takes someone pretty special to be a dancer.

It is a discipline that requires a huge amount of commitment, determination and strength. Dancers spend their days setting goals, overcoming challenges and innovating, to push themselves to be the best they can be. We understand, because that’s what we do at Phyx You Physiotherapy. We go above and beyond to help people live healthy and active lives – and achieve your goals.

The transition to dancing “en-pointe” is a big step and it’s important to be sure it is safe to make this transition. Although it seems like a natural advancement, the timing of when this happens is crucial. Too early and there is a risk of damaging growth plates at the ends of the bones, too late and you may not be able to catch up with the rest of the class.

How can we help?

PhyxYou have specifically trained physiotherapists that can conduct detailed pre-pointe assessments. Then working one-on-one with you, they will create training programs to correct your individual biomechanics and technical elements prior to going onto pointe.

Further by working closely with you they can ensure you are at lower risk of injury and fully ready to commence pointe work.

How long is an assessment?

All our Pre Pointe and Dance Assessment consultations are one hour long, allowing us the ability to spend quality time with you and enable a thorough assessment, treatment (if necessary) and tailored exercise program development.

Just remember we are here to help you achieve all your dancing goals and dreams. We want to help empower you with the tools for your success. No matter your skill level from beginner to professional we are here for you.

Initial Assessment

Here our highly trained physiotherapist will assess you and determine whether you are ready to start pointe work. This is a thorough examination including a detailed history of your dancing and any dancing injuries, assessing pointe range, foot control, turnout range and pelvic stability, core control and the application of all of these in basic ballet steps.

Post Assessment

After this assessment working with you our physiotherapists will create an individualised program for you, and write a report for your dance instructor. This way you will be working on the specific areas you require to reach your goals and your instructor and physiotherapist can work closely together to ensure your success.

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