Many people will experience cancer or know someone who will. Every 4 minutes someone in Australia is diagnosed with cancer. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be extremely difficult to deal with. We know how hard the journey can be.

At Phyx You we offer a personalised treatment and exercise approach to help you during and after cancer. We will consider your stage of treatment, current exercise level and goals when providing your treatment. We can also have communication with your doctor or anyone else involved in your healthcare to ensure you receive the best possible care and therefore outcomes.

Cancer experts are calling for exercise to be prescribed to every cancer patient, and we couldn’t agree more. Exercise is safe for people with cancer, and if the effects of exercise could be formed into a pill, it would be prescribed to every cancer patient worldwide.

Improve tolerance aggressive treatments, such as chemotherapy

Minimise physical decline

Counteract cancer-related fatigue, improve energy

Relieve mental distress, anxiety and depression

Improve quality of life

Help maintain healthy weight

Patients who exercise regularly will experience fewer and less severe side effects from cancer treatments. It also places you at a lower relative risk of cancer recurrence and dying from cancer.

Exercise medicine as part of routine cancer care not only has the potential to change people’s lives but to also save money. People with cancer who exercise have lower medical expenses and spend less time away from work.

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