Constant foot pain? Your feet stopping you from achieving your goals?

Did you know more than 75% of people will experience foot problems in their lifetime!

Here at PhyxYou we want to be able to help you decrease your foot pain and help you to achieve your goals. Poor foot mechanics could be one of the reasons for your pain and discomfort and therefore we are determined to identify this for you.

How can we help you by identifying these problems?

Here At Phyx You we have access to top of the line equipment via utilising the TOG GaitScan to assess your gait cycle.

How does it work?

The TOG gait scan utilises 4096 inbuilt sensors with over one million points of data, to analyze your walking and standing pattern, and helps identify any abnormalities or deficiencies. These deficiencies are unable to be picked up by the naked eye and hence by using this equipment this gives you the greatest chance of picking up what is wrong, and allows your highly trained physiotherapist to work with you in either strength based rehabilitation and/or the ordering of custom made orthotics, made specifically for you.

What types of orthotics are there?

Great question. There are 21 different types of custom made orthotics which can be specifically designed for your exact situation. With the help from your highly trained physiotherapist an order can be placed for the orthotic that is perfectly suited to you and your goals. Whether that be just walking around in daily life, for your health condition such as diabetes, or playing football at an elite level. This allows you to feel confident that the orthotic will help improve your performance and decrease your pain, no matter what situation you are in.

Why wait around with pain and not achieve your goals? Come in today, get your life back on track, and begin to be able to achieve goals you thought were impossible!

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