Need help with your injury but unable to get into town? Stuck away but really want help from your trusted physiotherapist or exercise physiologist?

Then our telehealth (online consultations) would be perfect for you!

But what is Telehealth?

Telehealth consultations are an online video consult, conducted between yourself and your health practitioner. The online consultation will allow your physiotherapist or exercise physiologist to see and speak to you, allowing you to receive high quality care.

What program do we use?

Here at PhyxYou we utilise the program Zoom to reach you securely and safely, allowing you to maintain privacy, but still, receive the highest quality care to reach your goals.

How can this help?

Through online consultations, you are able to receive a tailored assessment to provide diagnosis, individualised treatment and rehabilitation, and accurate education. This way you can work towards:

Decreasing your pain levels

Maintaining or improving your exercise capacity

Progressing your exercise program to keep you working towards your goals

Maintaining and improving mental wellbeing

Answer any questions you may have about your pain and injury, or rehabilitation program

Ensure you are up to date with all your self-management strategies at home

Don’t wait until it is too late! Get on top of your injury and your dream goals now!

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