At Phyx You Physiotherapy we have Physiotherapists that have a passion for, and specliase in Rehabilitation and Neurological Physiotherapy.

We treat a range of conditions which includes (but is not limited to):

NDIS patients

Patients with a disability

General muscle weakness & loss of strength

Balance impairments & issues


Post Fall


Post Op patients

Patients with neurological conditions

Parkinson’s disease
Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Multiple sclerosis
Spinal cord injury

Traumatic brain injury

How can we help you?

Perform a comprehensive initial assessment

to determine your current level of strength, mobility, function, and to get a baseline measure of where you are at so we can re-measure regularly to show progress!

Set goals with you

to ensure the rehab program is based on what YOU want to be able to do and achieve. We will regularly re-assess your progress.

Help prescribe equipment

to help at home and with your mobility (For example walking aids, walking sticks, knee braces, supportive footwear)

Provide rehab sessions

Provide you with individualised, one on one active based rehabilitation sessions

Develop home exercise programs

Develop a home exercise program targeted for you and your needs that you can perform individually at home to help achieve your goals quicker

Assist in reducing your pain

treatment sessions, dry needling, exercises

Provide education

Provide education and training to your carers and family members on how to best assist you at home

Home Visits

Provide home visits if you are unable to attend the clinic

Our rehabilitation services and equipment

Your Physiotherapist will provide a thorough assessment to determine the best treatment for you. Some of our specialised services we use include:

What is the NDIS?

NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The NDIS aims to help people under 65 with disability get care and supports. It helps provide these people with the reasonable and necessary supports they need to enjoy an ordinary life.

How can Phyx You Physiotherapy help you with your NDIS plan?

At Phyx You we can help you at any stage of your plan. We can help with:

Arranging Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology initial assessments

Preparing assessment and progress reports to show the need for ongoing Physio/Exercise Physiology when your new plan is due for renewal

Developing service agreements (which are required by the NDIS once you begin attending Physio/Exercise Physiology under your new plan)

Giving quotes for any equipment that me required for you under the NDIS (braces, walking aids, exercise equipment)

Liasing with your family, Support Coordinator and Plan Manager to ensure you are getting the best outcomes and achieve your goals

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