Running injuries are common – up to 80% of runners in any one year experience an injury.

Most commonly, running injuries are the product of training errors, muscle imbalances or technique factors – and these aspects can be modified.

At PhyxYou Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation we not only want to help with injuries that do arise, but we will look at your technique and biomechanics to help you maximise your performance and prevent injuries before they occur, to keep you on track.

Our Specialised Running Assessment includes:

A comprehensive functional & biomechanical assessment

Video analysis of your running pattern

Advice on technique, training methods and which exercises would be most beneficial for you

We will also work with your running coach to achieve your goals.

What to bring?

  • Your running shorts
  • Running shoes (old and new)
  • Any orthotics
  • Please allow up to 60min for a running assessment.

Whether you’re currently getting aches and pains during your run, wanting to stay injury-free, looking to improve your performance, or simply new to running and looking for guidance, a detailed specialised running assessment can help you achieve your goals.

There are three reasons why you will benefit from a running assessment performed by one of our physiotherapists:


We can analyse your method of propulsion and teach your body to move in the most efficient way


We can identify any loading issues in your running stride that may lead to pain and injury


We can identify areas where you can improve your strength and technique in order to improve your time and distance output

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