Are you a business that wants to make sure future employees stay injury free or are free of injury? Maybe just want your current workplace to be set up to prevent injury?

Here at Phyx You we can offer you a range of services to ensure your workplace is ready to go. These services include:

Preventative strategies including:

Pre-employment screening

Workplace ergonomic assessments

Rehabilitative services including:

Workplace injury assessments and rehabilitation

But what benefit does this actually pay for your business?

Benefits can include:

Graded and progressive return to work plans for your employees to ensure a safe and fast return.

Reduced lost time at work and home due to injuries for your employees.

Minimise losses in productivity by maintaining employees at work.

Open lines of communication between all key stakeholders.

Being confident that your workplace is injury risk minimised.

Being confident that your new employees are capable of completing the duties of their new job.

Why not make sure your business is top notch. Come use our services today.

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