Introducing Online Physiotherapy Consultations (Telehealth)


What Is Physiotherapy Online Consultations (Telehealth)?
Online physiotherapy consultations are an online video consult, conducted between yourself and your health practitioner. The online consultation will allow your physiotherapist or exercise physiologist to see and speak to you. Most assessments and tests will be adaptable and suitable for an online video consult.

What Is It Good For?
In this time of increased concern about the Coronavirus, our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists can provide you with online consultations to keep you on track to reach your goals or decrease your pain. We are providing care to all patients including private, Medicare, DVA, NDIS and Workcover patients. For those of you that are at home and worried about going outside or are unwell online consultations will allow you to be able to continue to work with your health practitioner to achieve your goals.

Through online consultations we are able to deliver you a tailored assessment to provide a diagnosis, individualised treatment and rehabilitation and accurate education. This way we can:

Decrease your pain levels
Maintain your exercise capacity
Progress your exercise program to keep you working towards your goals
Maintain and improve mental wellbeing
Answer any questions you may have about your pain and injury, or rehabilitation program
Ensure you are up to date with all your self-management strategies at home
How Can I Access It?
The online consultation software runs on a number of devices including Windows and Mac computers, Apple iPhones or iPads and Android tablets or smartphones. If you have been using the PhysiTrack App (free) for your exercises you are already ready to go! Your device just needs to have internet connection and a camera then you are ready to go. Fast, simple easy to use.

Tips To Make Sure You Are Ready!
Make sure you have any equipment you might need close by, this might include bands or a foam roller
If you would benefit from any equipment, but don’t already have it, we can arrange to have it provided to you
Play around with the camera on your device to see what would be a suitable set up so we can see the majority of your body
If you can, have someone else nearby, that way they can move the camera around if needed
Have some clear space to do an exercise or test in, if required
Be in comfortable active wear so you are able exercise.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries!

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