Mitchell’s journey unfolds from the heart of Western Sydney, Penrith, where his passion for the intricate workings of the human body took root. Graduating with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science in 2020, Mitchell’s insatiable curiosity led him to pursue a deeper understanding through a Physiotherapy degree at Charles Sturt University in Port Macquarie.

An early love for physiotherapy ignited at the age of 14, fuelled by Mitchell’s active involvement in sports, particularly as a representative-level soccer player for six years. Transitioning from soccer, he found a new arena in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a pursuit that began in Penrith and continues to be a central part of his life in Port Macquarie.

Beyond the mats, Mitchell channels his energy into the strength training, and finds joy in the company of his partner, whom he met upon moving to Port Macquarie. Mitchell’s overarching goal is to make a tangible impact in the field of sports injuries and chronic pain, driven by a deep-seated desire to help individuals navigate through pain and enhance their overall functionality. Particularly passionate about shoulder injuries, Mitchell strives to specialize in shoulder treatments, bringing a focused and targeted approach to his physiotherapy practice. His story is one of dedication, athletic evolution, and a commitment to improving lives through his practice.

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