Mizuno Rebellion Pro 2 Review – What racing shoe is best for running?


Excited to share my thoughts on the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2. As a biomechanics lecturer at Newcastle University and a passionate runner, I was eagerly awaiting the release of this shoe due to its intriguing geometry and design.

My review is focused on two main perspectives:
The runner at all levels, including shoe review style content for online platforms.
Advice for injured runners and discussions on shoe features from an educational standpoint, aimed at fellow podiatrists, social media followers, and students.

First impressions: The fit was comfortable and true to size, although I did experience some initial trouble with the toe box volume. For individuals with toe joint changes, this may cause irritation. However, the width was adequate, and I found that forefoot offloading with 3mm EVA deflections was surprisingly tolerable.

Regarding foot orthoses, I encountered some challenges due to the force generated under the arch, which acted as a lever on the plantar surface of the orthotics. While this may not be relevant for all runners, it’s essential for podiatrists to consider when discussing footwear options.

Moving on to the arch support, it initially felt similar to the sensation of an orthotic pushing into the arch. My advice to runners is to anticipate some wearing-in time and be prepared for a neuromotor adjustment period.

The shoe felt clunky on the first run but improved significantly after a couple of outings, particularly for faster paces. It seemed most suitable for runners with a higher cadence and midfoot to forefoot striking pattern. Some users reported increased quadriceps DOMS, suggesting more knee flexion during running. However, I haven’t observed its performance in individuals with specific knee flexion pathologies yet.

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 performed admirably across various distances, from short reps to 5km runs. It offers a unique blend of cushioning and responsiveness, making it suitable for both training and racing. I’m excited to test it further during the Berlin Marathon and see how it holds up over longer distances.

In conclusion, while the shoe may feel different initially, its innovative design and performance make it worth considering for runners seeking a blend of comfort and speed. Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to explore the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 on my running journey!

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