Soccer injury prevention

Thankfully most soccer injuries are a soft tissue injury. As expected, 50-80% of soccer injuries affect the feet and legs. 40-45% of leg injuries involve ankle injuries and foot pain. Most of those injuries are a sprained ankle.

Knee injuries account for 25% of leg injuries. The ACL injury(Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is the most common season-ending problem but other knee ligaments are common. Meniscus tears are also common due to the pivoting nature of football.

When reviewing the published literature on soccer injuries, the overall incidence of injury in soccer is between 9 and 35 injuries per 1000 hours of soccer in adults, and between 0.5 and 13 injuries per 1000 hours of soccer in adolescents. It is clear that the older the player, the more likely they are to get injured.

Have you heard of the FIFA 11+…????

The FIFA 11+ is an injury-prevention program which has been specifically designed to prevent football injuries.It was developed by a panel of international experts to build on earlier injury-prevention efforts, including the PEP program and FIFA 11+.

The program takes twenty minutes to complete and is designed to be performed twice a week. No specific equipment is needed. The FIFA 11+ consists of 15 exercises divided into three separate components. These are:

The program can be divided into 3 parts

  • Part 1 Running exercises 8 minutes
  • Part 2 Strength- Plyometrics – Balance 10 minutes
  • Part 3 Running exercises 2 minutes

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