Strength Training For Sport: Should I Keep Training After Preseason?


Dreading the summer preseason sweat?

But it’s essential to set yourself up for a successful season and lowering your risk of injury, right? True.

However, have you thought about how you are going to continue training through the season outside your normal team training sessions? I know what you’re thinking if I train heavy during the week, I’ll be too sore for game day. Hear us out.

Most people train hard in preseason so that they don’t have to work on strength and conditioning during the season – however noticeable gains are lost once strength training is ceased for 2-3 weeks.

Now don’t get us wrong – too much volume of training either by increasing the number or intensity of training sessions can contribute to the development of an injury.

The facts

1. Building a foundation strength level in the preseason is great, but if training is cut back in season you will lose the gains – “use it or lose it”

2. Training needs to be scheduled and planned to avoid overdoing it and allow better performance

3. If high levels of training are maintained, injury risk during the season will decrease

4. Time barrier – with team training, recovery, work, life and game day to balance, it’s easy to cut one from the equation- usually the gym right! But all it takes is 3 x 30 minute sessions per week.

Four key considerations for in-season training:

1. Don’t over complicate exercises – ask your coach and physio on which movements for your sport you can focus on! Follow simple movements such as upper body push and pull, and lower body push and pull.

2. Recovery is key – maintenance of stretching, foam rolling, hydration, good nutrient intake and sleep is key!

3. Make a plan and write it down! plan out a 4 week period that will help you stay on track, save time and ensures progressive strength training without sudden load changes!

4. Be flexible with your program, particularly if life gets in the way or when you’re feeling fatigued. Re-adjust your plan to allow recovery but stay on track – make sure you get on top of any niggles early and don’t apply the ‘she’ll be right’ method

Check out for their top 10 tips on training.

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