Tennis and back pain

Been hitting that serve and stuck on a fault?

Did you know tennis can increase back pain?

Over the years tennis has evolved into a more powerful game then it used to with an increased emphasis on speed, accuracy and good biomechanics.

Lighter materials and the increased aerodynamic aspect of tennis racquets has allowed for players to hit the ball faster and with greater force… Although this results in a higher dependence on the player’s fitness level, thus increasing the risk of injuries if they aren’t at that required level.

Low back pain is an ever common injury occurring within tennis players.

It is important to understand that there are two main movements that the spinal column can do. These two movements are flexion and extension of the column, and they have the greatest range of motion. In addition, we have the lateral flexion and rotation movements, but these have a much greater restriction as far as movement. Due to the constant back rotations and necessary twists, tennis puts a lot of stress on the back. Furthermore, every time players hit a serve or overhead, they are hyper extending their lower back. Thus, the spinal column of a tennis player is constantly suffering under that repetitive strain.

Here are a few tips to prevent low back pain and get you back to your A game:

►Have a professional coach or physiotherapist check the proper technique and execution of your tennis strokes. With proper form and posture, your body will suffer less.

►Communicate with your coaches or physiotherapist if there is any sort of pain or discomfort while playing. Listen to your body. We feel pain when something is not right in our body.

►Find the racquet, strings, and grip size that best fit you. Having the right equipment is key for your technique and reduce stress in the shoulder, elbow and wrist. Stiffer racquets and lower tension in the strings also require less trunk rotation.

►Core strengthening exercises. Exercise these muscles to have a better protection of the spinal column. Do not forget that everything is connected and being weak in one area of your body will compromise another one.

►Always warm up before playing, and stretch when done. Do not forget to stretch your hamstrings and hip flexors well.

►Hydrate, eat well. Your muscles will recover faster and better, and you will feel more energized.

►If something feels wrong, do not hesitate to see one of our Physio’s

►Do not forget that rest is apart of training. 


Get in contact with us for a full assessment and screening, also some tips on how to improve your performance. 

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