Top 4 Things You Can Do For You Osteoarthritis


Do you or someone you know have osteoarthritis? Chances are you do, did you know osteoarthritis (OA) is predicted to become the 4th leading cause of worldwide disability by 2020 as the population ages, people become heavier and less active (Woolf 2003).

Here are the top 5 things your can do right now for your osteoarthritis

1. Continue your everyday activities!

Whether it is gardening, walking, dancing or leisure activities, continue to do what makes you move and live an active lifestyle. Chat to your physio to help you modify activities that are painful or difficult.

2. Get educated about your condition!

Get some information on nutrition, exercise, surgery and weight management.

Start with a google search to find:

Write down questions you have from the information on the website and take that list to your GP and physiotherapist to find out more!

Take a look at the link below to a SBS insight episode that talks about exercise when you have hip or knee OA.

3. Land-based structured Exercise

Structured exercise can help you build strength and control in muscles that support your joints to move better. Exercise has been proven to reduce pain and improve quality of life of people living with osteoarthritis. Exercise does not have to be hard and strenuous to achieve strength, you can build strength through:

Exercise classes (any strength, aerobic, flexibility, co‐ordination)

Gym sessions with a structured program

Tai chi, which has also been shown to reduce your risk of falls!


Dancing, did you know stomping your feet

4. Cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise most days of the week is great for your heart and lung health, weight loss and mental health! Did you know low load exercise is also great for your joints, movement lubricates your joint to allow it to move better. Cardiovascular exercise can be achieved a number of ways, pick a variety you enjoy and can do often:


Brisk walking


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