Top 5 Leg Strengthen And Power Exercises For Rugby / Rugby League Athletes


Rugby and Rugby League are both very power-driven sports.

Not having adequate lower limb strength and power has been shown to have an increase in many injuries including ACL ruptures, Hamstring, calf and quad tears, Achillies tendinopathies and many others. Evidence shows that having stronger lower limbs can dramatically reduce the chances of any of these injuries occurring. So here are our 5 top lower limb strength/power exercises that require no equipment at home:

These exercises can either be completed as a circuit or as individual exercises for 3-5 sets.

1. Squat Jumps
– Start in a deep squat position. Jump as high as you can and then land back into a deep squat. Keep repeating this.
– Complete 20 reps for 3 sets

2. High Step-Ups
– Have one foot up on a chair like you are about to walk up a high staircase. Pushing through that leg step up and through with your opposite leg as hard as you can. Slowly lower yourself back down using the leg on the chair. ** DO NOT just let yourself fall back down.
– 15 reps 3 sets
– Repeat with the opposite leg

3. Nordic Hamstring Exercises
– Lock your legs under a couch or somewhere close to the ground (You can also use a friend or family member to lock your heels down. Place a pillow under your knees for comfort. Keeping your body straight SLOWLY lower yourself as far as you can forward. Once you fail catch yourself with your arms forward.
– 10 reps 3 sets

4. Single Leg Calf Raises Over A Ledge
– Stand with your forefoot of one foot on a step or ledge
– 15 reps 3 sets * if unable to complete 15, do as many as you can for 3 sets.
– Repeat with the opposite foot.

5. 5 Burpees Into A 10m Sprint
– Starting in a push-up position complete a push up then jump in the air (burpee) once you have completed 5 go straight into a 10m sprint trying to get up to your max speed as fast as you can.

Then slowly walk back

– Complete this for 5 reps and 3 sets

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