Top Reasons Why You Need a Women’s Health Postnatal Physio Check

1. Abdominal Separation assessment and rehab:

During pregnancy our abdominal muscles separate/stretch to accommodate for the growing baby. After birth this separation can remain if not rehabilitated correctly. It is important to find out the level you are to ensure you core rehab program is targeted to meet your needs

2. Pelvic floor assessment and rehab:

Your Women’s Health Physiotherapist will likely recommend an internal vaginal exam for best practice. This allows your physio to check:
– Pelvic floor muscle strength
– Pelvic floor muscle endurance
– Tone of the muscles
– If there is any avulsions (or tearing)

3. To assess and treat any bladder and bowel issues.

Postnatally, particularly if you are experiencing any pelvic floor dysfunction you may also experience bladder and bowel issues.
These include:
– Bladder urgency and frequency
– Urinary incontinence (leakage)
– Bowel incontinence
– Constipation + difficulty emptying you bowel

4. Many pelvic floor issues are asymptotic so you may not know you have them until you get assessed:

Often pelvic floor dysfunction, weakness and prolapse can be asymptotic. This can mean you may not even know you may be at risk of further pelvic floor issues, of developing pelvic organ prolapse or worsening a prolapse. If you aren’t aware of these issues and return to certain activities before you are ready this is when more issues may arise.

5. Prolapse assessment and treatment:

During your internal examination your physio can check if any pelvic organ prolapse is present. If you do have a prolapse it’s okay – we are here to help and there is options. Support Pessaries are a great non surgical way to support your prolapse and help you get back to exercise without worsening your prolapse.

6. To create a rehab plan to get you back to what you want to do safely:

Wether it be returning to running or returning to heavy lifting everyones goals will be different. We will ensure your pelvic floor and core is properly rehabilitated to meet the demands of the activities you need to get back to doing.

7. To prevent issues later in life.

Getting on top of your pelvic floor early in the postnatal period allows the best chance of recovery. Pelvic floor dysfunction that is not address can lead to issues later in life (it may be many years down the track).

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