Struggling to reach your full potential? Is your flexibility and strength stopping you from reaching that next level?

Here at Phyx You, we want to be able to help you take that next step towards reaching your dream goals. Our highly skilled physiotherapists have been trained specifically to understand the high demands that are placed upon the dancers body. These high demands require large amounts of strength and flexibility to be able to cope, and reduce risk of injury which may further set you back.

Not only will our specifically trained physiotherapists work with you to help you achieve your goals, but they will also communicate closely with your dance instructor to ensure your path to recovery or success is as smooth as possible. How great is that!

Dance injury Recovery in Port Macquarie

So what are some common dance injuries?

Common dance injuries include:

Hip impingement or labrum injury

Foot and ankle injuries (strains and sprains, tendinopathies, trigger toe, posterior ankle impingement, sesamoiditis)

Stress fractures in lower limb or spine

Patellafemoral pain syndrome

Overuse injuries

So the question is why wait to achieve your goals? Dream big and come in today to start on your path to success.

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