Have your Hamstrings been giving you trouble? Every time you run does the back of your leg twinge?

Did you know that up to 1/3 of previous hamstring injuries will reoccur within 2 weeks of returning to sport with insufficient rehabilitation! Having a complete and comprehensive assessment of your hamstring injuries can help to plan and dramatically decrease your potential of reoccurring or new hamstring injuries, helping you reach your goals.

Hamstring Injury Relief in Port Macquarie

What will we do to help you?

Working together with you in a one on one treatment session our highly trained and skilled team member will thoroughly assess and diagnose your hamstring injury. But we will not stop there! Using a variety of treatments, we will help to reduce your initial pain levels, and regain that pain free activity of your hamstring. Further our team will be able to help identify strength deficiencies or poor movement patterns which resulted in, or resulted from, your injury. Working together with your team member we will help you overcome these deficiencies and get you on a preventative injury program to decrease those chances of re-injury.

So why keep putting up with those twinging hamstrings? Book in to get yourself back on track to reach your goals!

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