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Many of us experience headaches during our lifetime. The severity of headaches can range from mild and temporary, to severe and debilitating. There are over 200 different classifications of headaches and many different causes. Sometimes the causes of headaches are simple, including; not drinking enough water, tiredness, stress or perhaps drinking a little too much red wine.

However, the most common type of headaches are;

Cervicogenic Headaches.

Cervicogenic headaches originate from structures within your neck. An underlying neck issue can refer pain to the forehead, backs of the eyes, side of the head and/or the base of the skull. These headaches can be debilitating and recurrent. Medication may provide temporary relief, however, by addressing the cause, your headache can be alleviated and prevented from recurring in the future.

Headache Relief in Port Macquarie

Our physiotherapists are skilled in assessing and providing an individualised treatment plan for your headaches. We will work with you and offer a range of techniques, such as dry needling, massage, joint mobilisation, stretching, strengthening exercises, postural exercises, ergonomic advice and more to help with your pain.

Additionally, if it is not something that we can manage we will help assist your GP with differential diagnosis.

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