Just injured your knee? Or maybe you have an ongoing niggle?
We can help!

Whether you have an acute injury from sport, a fall or trauma or an ongoing condition that is affecting your daily life we are here to help.

What’s the difference?

What’s the difference?

Acute knee injuries can arise from sudden trauma, such as an awkward fall, collision or twist of the joint. Acute injuries may include ligament sprains, contusions, fractures etc.

Overuse injuries result from continuous activity or overload, such as running, jumping, cycling or weight training. The pain starts gradually and usually relates to a range of factors such as structural or biomechanical problems, training methods, footwear, technique, running style or loading factors. Overuse conditions include Patello-femoral syndrome, patella tendinopathy etc.

Knee Pain Relief in Port Macquarie

Early and accurate diagnosis can help guide best treatment to get you back to the activities you love, pain may be felt in the knee however it is not unusual to have some biomechanical factors than can contribute to your knee pain for example flat feet or poor stability from the hips. We will help with your symptoms but also assess further to why this has happened and address factors to prevent your pain from returning.

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