Low back pain just sticking around and not seeming to go away? Or did you just move the wrong way and now your back is in agony?

Either way we here at Phyx You are here to help you. We know that back pain can be very debilitating and make you feel like you just can’t reach those goals, or be able to complete those jobs that you want to.

What can cause Back Pain?

Many different aspects can be causing your back pain. This could include things such as:

Poor movement mechanics

Joint stiffness, poor muscle strength, poor flexibility

Joint irritation

Back, Hip, Sacroiliac joint (tailbone)

Nerve irritation or Disc irritation/injury

Soft tissue inflammation

Lumbar stenosis


More serious conditions, however rarely, such as cauda equina syndrome.

Low Back Pain Relief in Port Macquarie

How can we help your pain?

Our highly trained physiotherapists or exercise physiologist, depending on the cause of your back pain, will work with you to help decrease your pain and get you back to your everyday life. Even better yet, allow you to reach goals you never thought were possible. This is through one-on-one thorough assessments being conducted and the use of up to date research to ensure you are receiving top quality treatment and rehabilitation.

Wait, can you help me further?

Yes. Rehabilitation doesn’t just stop with decreasing your pain no! By working closely with your practitioner you can be assured we will work to help prevent your chances of re-injury and more pain. This is again through thorough assessment finding your weaknesses throughout your body and ensuring that you body has the ability to cope with anything you have to throw at it. This way you spend less time in pain and more time reaching and achieving your goals, with decreased fear or re-injury.

So don’t wait around in pain. The faster you get in, the faster you can have decreased pain. This means you can reach those goals sooner rather than later!

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