What actually is a muscle strain?

A muscle strain is where muscle fibres are stretched or pushed beyond their capacity. This leads to tearing of the muscle fibres. These tears/strains can be classified into 3 grades.

Grade 1: This is where a very minimal amount of your muscle fibres have been torn.
Grade 2: This is where approximately 50% of your muscle fibres are torn
Grade3: Greater than 50% or a complete tear of your muscle fibres.

What actually is a muscle contusion?

A contusion is what is commonly referred to as a “cork”. This is a deep bruise to your muscle fibres caused by internal bleeding of its blood supply. This is most commonly caused by a direct trauma to the area. It usually leads to loss of motion and can affect your ability to move.

Muscle Tears & Contusion Relief in Port Macquarie

How can physiotherapy help you?

Here at PhyxYou our highly trained physiotherapists are more than equipped to help you overcome these injuries. By utilising up to date evidence-based treatment strategies, and working with you closely to find the most correct exercises for you. Benefits include:

Decreasing your pain as fast as possible.

Ensuring fast and safe return to activity

Ensuring a minimal risk or re-injury

Getting back on track to reaching your dream goals quickly

The key is getting you back moving as soon and safely as possible. Don’t wait around in pain come see us today. Your dream goals are waiting.

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