Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention

Struggling to hit your goals? Not currently injured but want to perform better than ever before?

Great News! Here at PhyxYou our highly trained Sports Physiotherapists are here to help. Sports Physiotherapy has the main goal of preventing further injury, but also is able to provide a comprehensive assessment of your function, for your specific sport.

By implementing a thorough evidence-based injury prevention program specifically tailored for the demands of your sport PhyxYou can help to keep you fit and healthy throughout the long sporting seasons. This is re-enforced as there is increasing evidence that injury rates can be significantly reduced through the implementation of sports-specific and musculoskeletal screenings, combined with appropriate injury prevention programs.

Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention in Port Macquarie

What is involved with the assessment?

This assessment includes many aspects such as:

Functional recovery


Motor control


Sports specific screenings

Previous injuries

By having your highly trained physiotherapist analyse all these aspects, they can work with you, and your coach, to design a specific exercise program to not only decrease your risk of injury. But help you perform better than you ever have before!

What does this mean for you?

  • Reaching greater heights in your sport than ever before
  • Decrease your chance of future injury
  • Put you a step ahead of the competition
  • Specific exercise program designed specifically for you
  • Open communication between you, your coach and your physiotherapist
  • Follow up consultations to progress exercises and work towards your goals.

Why is follow up required?
Follow up reviews of athletes exercise programs together with follow up screenings ensures that each athletes’ specific program is addressing the outcomes identified from the initial screening. Areas that improve and no longer need as much attention, as well as any new areas that may be identified will guide how future injury prevention programs are constructed.

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