Have you recently had surgery? Do you have an upcoming surgery?

Post-operative rehabilitation is an integral process to optimise recovery and minimise the risk of complications. Physiotherapy can provide a faster and more effective recovery following surgery.

We work closely with the surgeons, stay up to date with the latest research and recommended protocols, to ensure your optimal recovery.

We can help you recover from a range of operations including; joint replacement, shoulder reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, ACL reconstruction, carpal tunnel release, ankle surgery, spinal surgeries, general surgeries and many more!

Most often physiotherapy management will begin in hospital and they will provide you with exercises and guidance during the early stages. Once discharged from hospital working with a team with expertise in post-operative management can help with the rest of the recovery.

Post Op Recovery in Port Macquarie

Physiotherapy can help with:

Relieving pain

Promoting healing

Minimising scar tissues

Swelling management

Regaining mobility

Providing advice on activities and positions to avoid

Improving range of movement

Increasing muscle strength

Improving neuromuscular control

Completing functional or sport specific movements

We will work with you to develop an individualised treatment plan, incorporating your surgery, current protocols, and your specific rehabilitation goals.

A pre-operative rehabilitation program will be an individualised exercise-based program for those who plan to have surgery in the near future.

Completing pre-operative rehab will allow you to be as well-conditioned as possible prior to surgery. This will enhance recovery following surgery, reduce the post-operative recovery time and help minimise the risks associated with surgery. Pre-operative rehab will make your body stronger, prepare your mind for what to expect following surgery and reduce the need for post-operative care.

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