If you’re suffering with shoulder pain, you’re not alone! It’s one of the most common reasons people come and see us here at PhyxYou.

Luckily, we love helping with shoulder pain.

The shoulder joint is exceptionally mobile, meaning it requires a lot of strength and control to keep it in check. In many cases of shoulder injury there has been no specific injury and loss of control and strength in the joint is the cause of increasing stiffness and pain. Helping you figure out where you have lost your strength and working with you to regain it is how these shoulders get back to 100%.

Shoulder Pain Relief in Port Macquarie

In other cases your shoulder may have a specific structural reason for the onset of pain such as a rotator cuff injury, a dislocation or long-term instability. In these cases there are specific interventions and exercise programs that we will ask you to engage in. These are backed by the cutting edge of evidence and you’ll be treated as if we’re getting you ready for the footie grand final (we won’t judge you too much for your choice of team you’d play for).

Getting you back to having a pain-free, robust shoulder is what we live for and we know every shoulder can get better than it is now, regardless of the diagnosis.

Some of the more common shoulder issues we treat are:

Stiff and sore shoulders

Rotator cuff injuries


Shoulder dislocations and instability

The post-operative shoulder

Frozen shoulder


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