Unfortunately, one of the downsides to sport is injury.
We understand you don’t like to sit on the sideline and the main goal of most athletes is to return to playing ASAP!

We will provide a thorough assessment, sport specific rehabilitation and work with you to develop a rehab plan to ensure you can return to performing at your best within a realistic timeframe.

We have an experienced team that treats athletes competing local to international competitions. Whether you play soccer, league, tennis, golf, basketball, hockey, cricket or any sport in between, we are able to help get you back to your best.

Sports Injury Relief in Port Macquarie

We will treat the presenting injury and can assist you to reduce pain and inflammation, regain movement, prevent muscle wasting and begin retraining. We will also work with you to determine the true reason that caused the injury to occur. Allowing us to help you prevent the injury from recurring, keeping you in the game and not on the sideline! 

Common sports injuries we have experience in treating include;

Ankle Sprains

Hip & Groin Pain

Tennis or Golf Elbow

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